Sharing What Matters

"As a life-long member of the community who has seen good and bad administrations, I think we can do better. I want to work for you. We need to return to common sense tax plans that work for the community. Return to economic development that keep taxes low, and we need to revisit the master plan for the town so that growth does not outpace our resources. With nearly  three decades as a community advocate and business owner, I know what it takes to find solutions, be forward thinking, navigate the complicated issues, move things forward, always with the an eye on the future and the community because, let's face it, governing is about working for the community"
The Issues That Stand Out

We have seen repeated instances where the community is the target of the Town Board.  In the past two years the current administration has attacked community members opposed to CPV, the Little League, the seniors, the 9/11 First Responders, and most recently the TOW Community Group.  These are not the actions of a responsive leadership, but rather an adversarial posture to the needs, desires and concerns of the people.

Personal agendas and special interests outweigh the majority voice and the betterment of the quality of life in the town.  The community deserves better and town leadership can do better.

Master Plan 

The Master Plan for the town is nearly a decade old.  In that time the town has seen some unprecedented growth.  The Master Plan helps guide that growth so as to keep a common vision and manage resources.  However in the past two years we have slowly moved away from this plan.  Most recently moving toward zoning variances and "spot zoning" to accomodate special projects.  Many of these moves are seemingly arbitrary and short sighted.  Where there once was a vision of growth that ballanced resources and community, now there is free for all countlessly weighing on the community's resources.

Strategic Economic Development 

The town benefits from some of the lowest taxes in the area.  This is in no small part due to past adminstrations' focusing on commercial business development in lieu of residential projects.  However, in the past two years there has been a shift to large scale residental build-outs.   This is compounded by the focus on hotels as a possible revenue base for the town. Each demonstrates a greater and greater drain on our limited resources.   While it may be possible, if a local hotel tax is approved by the state, for hotels to provide some revenue to the town, it is wholly dependant on their use and, to date, there is no data that indicates what number of hotels might answer the needs of the pending theme park.  Yet what is certain is that the more people there are in the area, the more the town resources are used.

It's a philosophy of banking on a maybe that may ultimately result in a cost to the community.  A return to business-driven development is what is required. It worked in the past to keep taxes down and resources managed.  It can work again.

Taxes and Fiscal Responsibility 

The town is in a unique place of actually having money.  In fact it has a fair amount of money.  Yet the current administration chose to raise taxes at a time when they could have very easily kept them where they are, or even lower them.  While money is required to make things run, taking your money out of your pocket for no good reason is a bad idea.


As a life-long advocate for sound environmental conservation, I'm puzzled by a town government that says one thing and then does another.  Worse yet, when faced with obvious environmental hardships, it actively chooses the destructive path rather than stand up for the health and welfare of the community.

We must fight against those things that would take away our green space and pollute our community.  When faced with illegal and harmful actions like those of CPV, I will stand up and work against these wrongs.