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About Frank

     Frank DenDanto III has been living in the Town of Wallkill nearly all his life. As an Eagle Scout, Frank has always been drawn to community advocacy. In the early 1990s he was an active member of Orange Environment, Sullivan Environment, and the Bashakill Area Association. By the late 1990s his interests expanded to the national political scene, and he became involved in the grassroots organization, Third Millennium.
     After nearly a decade as the Production Manager and Resident Lighting Designer at the prestigious Lower East Side theater, Performance Space 122, Frank became a homeowner in the Town of Wallkill. He went on to grow two businesses in architectural and event lighting. As a professional lighting designer and stagehand, he has membership in two unions. In 2009, he learned his new businesses were at risk as the public trust had been broken by questionable local government practices and unchecked development. As a result, he joined forces with others in the area to create the watchdog group Rural Community Coalition (RCC) and subsequently the Rural Heritage Party of Mamakating.
     Having witnessed firsthand how inside politics conducted behind closed doors can quietly and quickly destroy communities, erode trust, and fray the community, Frank chose to take the next step in his advocacy for transparent government and run for Wallkill Town Supervisor. 

     Since his unprecedented win, Frank has worked tirelessly during his first term to correct the neglected, overworked, and underfunded town departments. Perhaps most importantly, he has worked to fix the broken and questionable town finance practices. 

During his first term as Town Supervisor, Frank retained full town services in spite of a $4 million budgetary shortfall caused by the pandemic, initiated an audit of the town's finances that revealed significant fiscal mismanagement and led to the reorganization the town's Accounting Department and the hiring of a Deputy Comptroller to increase oversight, landed a hotel tax which increased town revenue by approximately $1 million, created a Master Plan Review Committee, oversaw the creation of a new town historical and cultural center, hosted the Town of Wallkill's first Pride celebration, and added 61 acres to the town's conservation easement and 27 acres of new park space. 

     Feeling he is just getting started, Frank continues to press forward to tackle the mammoth issue of broken town finances, expand support of the police department in staffing and accreditation, grow the rateable tax base courting new and ever larger business opportunities to the town, and expand and enhance the town's green space. 

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